I’m travelling for the next 10 days so the blog will not be updated. If you’re good though, I’ll get some photographs and a travelogue.

Where am I going?



Because I had 10 days of leave and no plan. I didn’t know I would have 10 days off, else I would have gone to Peru now. But that’s already done, so I had to come up with another destination (That’s what this post was about). I searched for the highest peaks in North America. McKinley is extreme in the winter, Logan is not trivial in the winter either, so I settled for the third highest peak: Pico De Orizaba, at 18,500 feet. It is in Mexico, so Mexico I go. Yes, alone.

I’ll be staying away from the web, from the drug mafia and from the crevasses on the glacier.

I had to shuffle the planning of this trip with work, and I barely managed to finalize the itinerary in the last couple of days. [It is still better than Ladakh, where I landed without a plan.]

I discovered after reading this post that I underestimated Pico De Orizaba. And now I have butterflies in my stomach. Exactly like love. Now I’m trying to plan accordingly so I can acclimatize longer and maximize the likelihood of summiting. Insha’allah I’ll summit this Monday.

On second thoughts, I prefer a round-trip offer from powers that be (or that aren’t — I don’t want to offend irreligious sentiments).

If things go as planned, I’ll also be visiting Chitchen Itza, one of the new 7 wonders of the world. It will be my third in 2 years. Spoiler alert: The next one will likely be Petra in Jordan, unless life (or the Middle East) has other plans.


Finally, let me bust the myth that travelling and adventure require money. Time, yes; money, no. Making time is easy if you can prioritize adventure, and you can always scale plans according to your budget. The ones who use money or time as an excuse for not going on adventures are the ones who wouldn’t even if they had both.

To everyone else, Travel like death is after you. Because it is.