Indian Mujahideen was responsible for yesterday’s blast at Varanasi. The reason, IM claims, is the verdict of the Ayodhya title suit. As anyone wise will tell, a reason is merely incidental for a terrorist group like IM. But since we have the IM publicly claiming the title suit as its primary reason, I do hope the Waqf Board — the litigant on behalf of Muslims — has something to say about the blast.



Dubbing the explosion in Varanasi as “a heinous act of Jehadi terrorism”, Vishwa Hindu Parishad on Tuesday demanded the holy city of Kashi be accorded the status of a “protected heritage site” and entry of non-Hindus into it be banned.

I know it’s silly, but I’m curious how that would even work.

So we’d have security guarding the entire city from all directions?

And how does one decide who is a Hindu?

Using names? What about uni-religious names like Sameer (a subject handled well in Firaaq) or Aryan?

What if a terrorist formally changed his name to sound Hindu?


Do the VHP members stop and realize at times how utterly stupid they sound?