News says that an Indian diplomat who wore a sari was patted-down at a U.S. airport.

Anyone should oppose the new pat-downs for they are an infringement of liberty and privacy. But since pat-downs are the status quo, I don’t understand the specific outrage over the Indian diplomat case. The diplomat feels the pat-downs were humiliating, which I agree with. Many citizens feel the same way. But my hope is that this incident brings pat-downs in the spotlight, and not pat-downs of diplomats.


Is there a formal etiquette that bars diplomats from being screened? If yes, then the next time a young Al-Qaeda recruit is asked what he wants to become when he grows up, the answer will be, ‘A diplomat! Insha-allah, of course’.


M.K. Bhadrakumar at Rediff is quite angry:

This is not Krishnaleela. This is an act of national humiliation with a capital ‘H’.

First of all, is he implying that Lord Krishna indulged in molestation? If yes, over to you Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.

Second of all, wake me up when national humiliation begins with a capital ‘N’.