The censor board reviews Tees Maar Khan:

In fact they even asked the word Sheila to be removed from the song Sheila ki Jawani.

The censor board is a bunch of big ass hypocrites — and I’m not just referring to Asha Parekh.


Content pasted for those too lazy to click on the Asha Parekh hyperlink.

Asha Parekh dies and her soul is on the way to heaven, but suddenly she starts moving towards hell. So she asks Chitragupta, “Yeh kya ho raha hai? Yeh kya kar rahey ho? Mujhe narak mein kyon bhej rahey ho, maine to kuch paap nahin kiye hain” … Chitragupta looks in his ledger and says “Tumne khud itne saare picture mein heroine bankar sensuous dances kiye (He grimaces at this point), phir Censor Board mein doosre logon ko picture entirety mein release karne se roka hai, yeh paap hai, aur tum jaise logon ko narak mein hi hona chahiye.” To which Asha says, “Lekin Bhagwan se poocho! Yeh paap nahin hai! Mujhe Bhagwan se baat karne do!” Chitragupta shrugs and says, “Bhagwan antaryaami hain, unhein sab kuch pata hai! Aur woh tum jaise logon ke liye samay barbaad nahin kar sakte hain, parantu agar tum chahti ho to pooch lo unhi se” and the next thing you know, she’s standing in front of the stairs leading to God’s throne. She looks up, and says, “Bhagwan?” and God replies, “Bolo, kya baat hai?” She says, “Bhagwan, meri ek choti si aas hai” God says, “Chal, jhoothi!