Not to just bash the city of Delhi, here’s a good piece by Arvind Adiga about Delhi, the city that taught him to want something. There isn’t much specific to Delhi though; it just happened to be the city he was in while he was transitioning.

Some years ago, I was near New York’s Times Square, leaning against a lamp post at sunset, when a black man in a suede jacket came up to me.

“What are you here for, champ?” He asked. “Girls?”

“Nope,” I said.

“Looking for boys, then?”


“Dope? Cocaine?”

“No, really.” I smiled. “I don’t want anything.”

The pimp inspected me from head to toe with professional curiosity.

“Champ: everyone wants something.”

For most of my life, I have felt like a Darwinian failure. Men with sharper teeth surrounded me. They wanted the normal things—sex, money, power. I just drifted from place to place. And that is why of all the cities I have lived in, I am most grateful to New Delhi: for it was where I learnt to want something.

Link via Over_Rated.


It’s going to be a while before someone describes Delhi better than Rabbi Shergill in Dilli.


Unsolicited wisdom: If you ask me, a wonderful way to evolve is to be in a society or group that doesn’t feel yours, stay long enough to learn and move on just when it starts to feel yours. Rinse and repeat.

We tend to stagnate in societies where we are not an outsider.