Thomas Friedman betters himself at times. He writes about China and Wikileaks:

But here’s the fact: A China that can choke off conversations far beyond its borders, and superempowered individuals who can expose conversations far beyond their borders — or create posses of “cyber-hacktivists” who can melt down the computers of people they don’t like — are now a reality. They are rising powers. A stable world requires that we learn how to get the best from both and limit the worst; it will require smart legal and technological responses.

For that job, there is no alternative to a strong America. Critics said of the British Labour Party of the 1960s that the Britain they were trying to build was half-Sweden and half-heaven. The alternative today to a world ordered by American power is not some cuddly multipolar system — half-Sweden and half-heaven. It is half-China and half-superempowered individuals.

Managing that will never be easy. But it will be a lot easier with a healthy America, committed to its core values, powerful enough to project them and successful enough that others want to follow our lead — voluntarily.

If an analogy makes you understand it better, Thomas Friedman says that for a peaceful world, everyone should be peaceful.


Further, the title of his piece is:

We’ve Only Got America A


President José María Figueres of Costa Rica has a saying I like: “There is no Planet B” — so we’d better make Plan A work to preserve a stable environment.

You will see that ‘Planet B’ was a pun on the oft-used ‘Plan B’.

Friedman’s adaptation of it — ‘America A’ — is just nonsense trying to pass off as profundity.