India has arrived on the world scene. Wikileaks finally released something that is relevant to India!

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi had told United States ambassador Timothy Roemer that the growth of ‘radicalised Hindu groups’, which create religious tensions in India, could pose a bigger threat to the country than activities of groups like Lashkar-e-Tayiba.

The comment will — and should — be torn apart over the next few days. It is a fallacy to state that Hindu terror is equivalent to Islamic terror in India. It isn’t –atleast not yet — and it is unlikely that Rahul has any data to back his claim.

In which case, he believes something incorrect and is immature. Which once again proves that — as many around the world are already saying — Wikileaks isn’t revealing anything new to us.


Meanwhile, there are no call records in existence to back Digvijay Singh’s claim that slain cop Hemant Karkare called him hours before his death to tell Diggyboy that he feared Hindu extremists — proving Digvijay Singh is a douche.

Guess we’re not discovering anything new today.