Once again I’m on a Nusrat spree in music and I found a couple of songs.

What do you reckon will happen when Nusrat saab sings with musicians playing progressive heavy rock?

A: He blends in a way that defies explanation. It shows his understanding of not just his music, but all music.

With Peter Gabriel in Signal To Noise:


A traditional version of Afreen Aafreen sung when he was in India:

The lyrics of Afreen describe a woman and her body but here, Nusrat saab makes the song seem like it is dedicated to god. He sings with the same honesty of any other qawwali. I remember seeing a video of him performing in Lahore a few years ago (I think): Nusrat saab is performing the modern, electronic-beat versions of some of his songs, youngsters are dancing on the floor and in this ambience, he is sitting down on the stage and singing with the same honesty that he’d sing at a dargah.


Yesterday’s cryptic Nusrat post was about my entire Nusrat collection uploaded to Dropbox (about 2 GB). A reader, Anil, further shared his collection and now it is at 3.5 GB. Most of the stuff isn’t sold in digital form, if that makes you feel better about downloading music.

I still don’t condone piracy and believe music pirates should utter words against the Prophet Mohammad in Pakistan so that they are stoned to death.

Just kidding.