Rajdeep Sardesai’s open letter to Manmohan Singh:

What the aam admi seeks (and presumably the UPA still claims to be an ‘aam admi’ government) is a readiness to act against the corrupt and make examples of them. Your leader, Sonia Gandhi, claims to her parliamentary party that the Congress has ‘acted’ against corruption. Can the notion of ‘action’ be defined please? Forcing a minister to resign is not action, prosecuting him would be. Handing over a case to the CBI is not action, ensuring that the investigation is taken to its logical conclusion would be. The nation is not a set of gullible MPs who will be taken in by rhetorical flourishes. We don’t need to become a lynch mob, but the fact is an alert and enraged Indian citizenry will no longer settle for fine words alone.

Here’s a concrete suggestion: why don’t you amend the Prevention of Corruption act to ensure that all corruption cases involving public servants, be they officials or politicians, are put on fast track? If they are proved innocent, restore their dignity. If they are guilty, have them jailed and their properties confiscated. You may lack political support for your move, but trust me, an entire nation will cheer you on.

I largely agree with what Rajdeep Sardesai says, but let’s consider not complaining to Manmohan Singh each time.

Spoilt kids don’t exist because the parents are unaware their kid is spoilt — it’s because the parent has allowed the child thrive thus.


While on Manmohan Singh, The Onion featured him today as one of the important people of 2010. It’s a funny piece, and the piece gives about as much importance to Manmohan Singh as the Congress does: None.