I wrote a new year’s post and realized it might spoil your good mood (I’ll still post it later). For now, here’s a great piece by Rohan capturing 2010:

Scams of epic proportions in India,
Silence and then much noise on matters Radia.
Apple ne humko iPad diya.
And that Kalmadi fellow, he made lakhs ya.

Arundathi put the sexy into secede,
We saw Ayodhya play it safe and proceed,
Then Obama graced us with his presence,
As Nithyananda seduced people with incense
And the Pope fought issues with nonsense.

We were left wondering,
As we confused causation with correlation,
Do we call the rich man ‘king’?
Or is the richest man called Raja, by conflation.
Oh yeah, and we also had serious inflation.

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