Sharmila Tagore, Censor Board chief:

Freedom of expression under fundamental rights is needed but there should be reasonable restriction.

Read through her interview: She dislikes movies names like Kaminey and thinks certain movies and documentaries should be banned. To her credit, she agrees that the ban on smoking in films is senseless.


We ought to get rid of the censor board altogether. For one, I dislike the term ‘censor board’ which seems to suggest it is a board that censors. What we need is a ‘ratings board’. The board will give recommended ratings for a movie and will have no say in what scenes should or should not be in the movie.

While we’re at that, we also need to revamp the ratings system to reflect reality. Roger Ebert wrote a great piece on ratings:

Perhaps only three categories are needed: “G,” for young audiences, “T” for teenagers, and “A” for adults. These categories would be not be keyed to specific content but would reflect the board’s considered advice about a film’s gestalt and intended audience. At a time when literally any content can find its way into most American homes, what’s the point of singling out theatrical films? It’s time to admit we’ve lost our innocence.

It’s that simple: G, T and A. The ratings board should watch a movie, decide between G, T and A (it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes) and go home and have a raunchy time with their spouses — censored, of course.