Yesterday was Martin Luther King Day. In honour of his greatness, I’ll stoop to recycling an old post from Nov. ’08:


The “I have a dream” speech was made by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at the peak of the civil rights movement in America. Do watch the video if you haven’t already, or if you are just at work.

If M.S. Dhoni had to give the “I have a dream” speech, he would probably go,

“I have a dream. It is to own a 9mm pistol”. Or so the media would have us believe. (Link : Dhoni’s dream of owning 9mm pistol coming true.)

Hearing which Sunil Gavaskar, who has recently made a living out of lashing out at the Aussies and the English, retorted, “I have a dream too. In fact, I had one 20 years ago ! But I am sure you haven’t heard of it. It is because I am a player from the sub-continent !” with a feeling of anger but also unparalleled glee as he managed to squeeze in his point in the most unlikely of situations. In fact he looked happier than when he made 36 in 60 overs carrying his bat. This comment caused a lot of hassle to publishers in Australia as many cricketers lined up outside to append their manuscripts. No comment was available yet from the English cricketers, who are in the Vatican trying to crack The DuckworthLewis Code.

Back home, a person famous for his dreams (or atleast that is what the posters conveyed), Dhirubhai Ambani’s spirit was about to hand over its version of the speech to President Pratibha Patil, which miraculously came true when the Ambani brothers shook hands at the BJP “Presidential” candidate‘s home.

Now not to be left behind, a few American leaders jumped at this great idea (the wrong choice of words considering their ages) of giving a Luther’esque speech hoping to arrest their diminishing popularity and woo (the right choice of word considering their ages) the public.

President Bush, who has been quite unhappy since he learnt that the President doesn’t get to leave the White House until 3 months after the elections, was delighted at this opportunity and in his excitement did not bother to wait for his speech writer and went ahead, “I have a dream. Someday, I hope the dreams take wings. @!@#! I messed it.  Someday, I hope the wings take dreams.”

While far away near Russia, Sarah Palin was quoted saying, “You betcha I have a dream. And I am not saying anything stupid about Russia, foreign policy, Africa, NATO, evolution, dinosaurs, global warming or my dream (winks). Instead, I am going to talk about taxes.”

John McCain, dismissed the whole idea saying, “Friends, I do not have a dream. Because I am a maverick.” before proceeding to enroll himself in the BJP’s youth wing.

Last to come was Bill Clinton (no pun obviously), who popularity never really soared after the Lewinsky scandal. With his trademark poise and class, he started his historic speech,

“I have a dream. It is wet.”

Disclaimer. Feel free to add your own versions below.

Thanks Onkar, Udayan.