Today’s statistic:

1 of every 4 rapes in Indian cities takes place in Delhi.

Even if you assume that Delhi (being a metro) has a higher percentage of reported cases, this study includes 35 major Indian cities. That is staggering.


Similarly, almost two-fifth of kidnappings/abductions of women happened in Delhi, 15% of dowry deaths and 14% of molestation cases.


You know what a perfect life would be?

First, being born as a girl in Haryana (that will take a few attempts with all the female infanticide), growing up in the wonderful lush green fields of the state, falling in love with a guy of the same gotra, moving to Delhi to escape your family, living in Delhi as a young woman, moving to Pune to escape your family that has now followed you to Delhi, taking up a job around Pune as an RTI activist investigating land deals. And we know what happens after that.

Yep, it’s not funny.