This is fascinating (and funny). ET reports:

First ever PC virus was created in Pakistan

It is not a hoax. I found video of the interview too. Watch at your own risk — the video might forever ruin your image of a cool, geeky computer hacker. But it is worth watching just for the gloating about bringing America down to its knees. The exact words of the anchor, Farah, go ‘Corporate America ko toh aapne fix kar diya tha.‘ (‘You totally nailed corporate America’)


“I am not sure whether or not this is a matter of pride that it was in Pakistan that the first computer virus was written. What do you think?” [a caller to the program] asks Alvi.

“Oh, absolutely. Rest assured that it is a matter of pride,” replies Alvi.

I still maintain that Nusrat saab has a slight edge over this computer wizard as the pride of Pakistan.


This should prompt some Indian politician to say that Pakistan has been exporting terror since the 80s. Pakistan’s retort will be that they were clearly non-state actors.