Yesterday on The Daily Show, two U.S.-based Iranian satirists, Kambiz Hosseini & Saman Arbabi. They produce a weekly satirical news show, Parazit, not unlike The Daily Show itself. If you have a few minutes, watch the interview. It was heartwarming to see that the two satirists idolize Jon Stewart and The Daily Show and Jon Stewart, on the other hand, candidly admitting that the Parazit is a show with far more guts.


On that note, where are the satirical news shows in India? Jaspal Bhatti was a fine satirist but he shied away from direct finger pointing — he stuck to social satire. Shekhar Suman was good. Cyrus Broacha hosts The Week That Wasn’t, but it’s not a satire show. They seem to be after cheap laughs.

Satire is serious business and is an untapped market in India. I wish someone produced a show of this nature in India. It has the potential to be larger than just a TV show. And it’s not like we don’t have material to satire — Digvijay Singh alone provides material on a weekly basis.


If one of you decides to produce a show, let me advice you to stay away from lampooning Shiv Sena .. and MNS .. and Bajrang Dal .. and dalits .. and

Ah, I see what the problem is.