Rajdeep Sardesai in a blog post:

Oh yes, the news on Republic Day eve also carried the list of Padma awardees, many of them truly accomplished and deserving. But how about an award for the aam admi, the average upright citizen who keeps the idea of India alive in these tough times?

Instead, how about we stop romanticizing the aam aadmi?

It is entrepreneurs who have have built the new India and are running it (with the government’s contribution being that they are letting them): Those who work around government by building companies ground up, those who work with the government just so their NGOs can bring about change, those who excel in their fields with almost always little or no help from the government. In my book, they are not aam aadmis.


An aam aadmi is one who felt happy reading that the aad aadmi should have won a Padma.