Listen to Roja Jaaneman from Roja:

And then Tere Liye Jaanam from Suhaag (music by Anand-Milind):

Bad artists copy; great artists steal [Pablo Picasso]. And I have no idea what kind of artists use the same arrangement, the same metering of lyrics, the same female singer, the same sequence but change the raaga (or in certain instances, mirror the musical notes around the base note).


One of the first realizations any amateur musician has is that replacing a few notes in a tune creates a new tune. Most however don’t get to the point where they implement it and worse, release it. I much prefer Anu Malik’s style of copying: The tune is copied but the arrangement is entirely his (most of the times). That is creative in my book, unlike this which was sly.

Hat-tip: Onkar W.