Remember that news about Bappi Lahiri being the first Indian on the Grammy jury?

While I was writing the post, I wondered why the only results for the search query ‘Grammy jury‘ were those of Bappi Lahiri claiming he was the first Indian on the Grammy jury. Karthik of itwofs has more on it: A blogger had done a mini-exposé of Bappida’s claims and was forced to take down his post. Now it’s been a few years since I have been blogging and I still haven’t been served a single legal notice. Therefore, here’s that post (A Grammy representative responds to an Economic Times article with Bappida’s claims):

MUMBAI: Bollywood music composer Bappi Lahiri has added another feather to his cap by becoming the first Indian composer to be in the Grammy jury for the awards in 2012.

There is no such thing as a jury. We have voting members who cast their ballot during GRAMMY balloting. He is currently a non-voting member. However, he may qualify for a Voting membership but we would need to do some additional research on our end to see if he qualifies. Also, we don’t track who is first in anything as it relates to membership. He might be the first Indian composer but there would be no way for us to verify that information.

“I will be a jury member in the Grammy awards next year. I will be among the members, who vote to decide a winner. This is the first time an Indian composer is being given this place,” Lahiri told IANS.

Again, he is currently NOT a Voting member and there is noway to confirm a claim that it’s the first time an Indian composer has been made a Voting member.

This year Lahiri had also sent in his album “World, Peace And harmony” for the prestigious awards. It got him a spot in the top 50 Grammy albums but, however, lost out on the main five nominations.

This is not 100% accurate. His album MAY have been submitted for consideration. I cannot verify that at the moment. But if it had it just means we accepted it because it met our criteria. To say it got him a spot in the Top 50 albums is untrue. It may mean that 50 albums were submitted in that category. But albums are not “ranked” during the submission process or during any part of the process. The only claim that could be made by anyone is that they were in the top 5, making them a GRAMMY Nominee.

In the album released only in US, the 58-year-old composer has collaborated with popular saxophone player Gerald Albright and himself sang and also played the tabla.

If this is true, then he probably would qualify to be a Voting member, but we would need to research it. I am going to put a member of my staff on it. We may change him to Voting depending on what we discover.

This year the Grammy Awards will be presented Feb 13 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

This is accurate.

Read Karthik’s post here.