From Australia: Parents win right to stop life support.

The parents of a premature baby girl have the legal right to instruct her treating doctors to stop medical treatment and withdraw artificial life support, the Family Court has found.

While parents do need court authorisation for some ”special cases”, such as the sterilisation of an intellectually disabled child or gender reassignment surgery, the decision to remove a breathing tube was ”within the ambit of parental responsibility”, Justice Peter Young said.

The ruling was in line with my belief:

In a judgment handed down yesterday, Justice Young said the specialists concurred that ”any future life for Baby D is … very burdensome and futile with no expectation of any enjoyment of life and without sight and meaningful brain capacity”.

Sometimes, taking a life is noble.


Speaking of which, the Supreme Court delivered its verdict in the Aruna Shaunbag case, a nurse brutally raped 37 years ago and in persistent vegetative state since. An activist, Pinki Virani, who was closely involved with Aruna Shaubag for the past few years sought permission for euthanasia. The staff of KEM hospital where Aruna is housed and taken care of wanted her to stay alive. The court ruled that while passive euthanasia — withdrawing life-support to patients in a vegetative state — was legal, the staff was more immediate to Aruna than Pinki. If some day in the future the staff decides that Aruna could be let go, they would have to approach the court to seek permission.

Aruna Shaunbag stays in both medical and legal limbo.


I am strongly of the view that the meaning of life ceases the moment one cannot pursue any emotions (mainly but not limited to happiness) out of free will. There is another reason why I am stating my view: My view can be used in court to help approve my euthanasia if I were ever in PVS .. and if a cached copy of this post were still floating around .. and if it can be proven that I was in sound mind while writing this .. which might hit a roadblock because I just linked to the Times of India website.