Forwarding obscene MMSes or pornography on the internet will soon land you in bigger trouble than before. The government is planning to bring in stiffer fines and punishment against indecent representation of women in audio and visual material, including advertisements, publications and electronic form.

The Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Amendment Bill, mooted by the women and child development ministry, will make objectionable representation of women unlawful.

I’m so glad this law isn’t defined vaguely.

While I study it deeper and try to understand its nuances, I would advise Indians to stay away from p0rn till the legal grey area around p0rnography is resolved. If it’s too tough for you, get a vasectomy — just for now.

Oh and will this sentence will get me into trouble now? [You’re welcome.]


On the other hand, why keep p0rnography legal when Indians are increasingly going with rape as their preferred means of handling sexual repression? The free market has spoken and the government has heard it.