A mini-vacation happened and the blog got no attention.

If you ever visit Las Vegas, watch Cirque du Soleil’s O. I know a bit about live theater and I assumed some constraints were true for a live performance in a theater production. O either turned each one of those assumptions on its head or just threw them out of the window.

O is the phonetic representation of eau, French for water. The theme is water although it touches fire and wind too. The plot is filled with assorted subplots. Here’s a trailer:


And another:


The theater where O is performed is built for O. Its vast stage sits on top of a million gallon pool of water. The entire stage can be lowered in seconds to reveal the pool. The stage, the cast, the costumes, the makeup were all designed to be one with water. A significant amount of engineering and innovation made it possible. Those interested in design, read this piece about the design and pre-production that went into O. Fascinating stuff.


The mere fact that the theater was built for O made the experience way better than anything else I’ve seen before. However, it also means that O can only be performed in one theater on this planet. The team had two choices: Have the freedom to perform on any stage in the world and go after popularity, or stick to one stage where each aspect of the performance is married together and make the experience perfect.

The parallel with technology is obvious.


The downside of watching O is that nothing else in Vegas impresses. Three days on, some of the music pieces are still stuck in my head. I found the soundtrack online here. Svecounia is my favourite track. Those of you who haven’t seen O might like it too.

P.S.: Don’t ever pay to watch David Copperfield perform live.