A committee finds a loss of Rs. 1600 crores “in the construction and renovation of venues for Commonwealth Games by different government agencies”. Let me expand that for you: Rs. 1,600,00,00,000.

Since we’re all law-abiding middle class citizens, we won’t stop paying taxes. Let me spin the figures so you feel better about the whole thing. The total revenue from taxation last year was 7.5 lakh crore. Rs. 1,600 crore is a just 0.21% of it. Let’s say you paid Rs. 2 lakh in taxes last year. You contribution to the Commonwealth Games comes to Rs. 420 (yes, it’s poetic). That’s one dinner at a Pizza Hut. Frankly, that’s a tiny amount to pay for the pride of your motherland.

If you think that’s too much, what kind of an Indian are you?