Jaideep Varma and Gokul Chakravarthy of Cricinfo speak about India’s win [Link]. Scroll to 4:54 where they talk about Mumbai’s crowd — not a rosy picture. (I loved it when the ever funny Andy Zaltzman spins a racist comment into hilarity.)

In a post yesterday, I wrote the team of the 90s didn’t deserve the fans it had. In an interesting contrary, Jaideep thinks that the fans now don’t deserve the team they have. I tend to agree. There is enthusiastic; even jingoistic, and there is plain bad taste. Given the rise of India in various spheres and the disparity in people, I almost think bad crowd behaviour is inevitable. And I don’t have a solution. Even if I did — and this is not a snarky or condescending comment but a matter of fact — we’re never going to reach out to a majority of those indulging in bad behaviour by conversing in a non-local language.


I am reminded of Pu La Deshpande’s Asami Aasami, where an uncouth seth buoyed by post-independence self-esteem walks into the Benson & Johnson office, ‘Sahab kaam karta hai toh hum kya jhak maarta hai?

Never mind if you didn’t get it.


Link via Salil B.