Nadeem Paracha with hilarious satire once again:

Want to be a successful TV anchor and talk show host in Bakistan? The following is what you need to know …


A modern-day Babylon. Run by evil men whose bloodlines are linked to epic, evil characters such as Sodom & Gomorra and Gog & Magog. Can be a nice place to visit though, for a personal trip.

Amreeka has a very powerful Jewish lobby that constantly plots against Bakistan. This wicked lobby’s members have just one motive in their sorry lives: the destruction of Bakistan, thus Islam, thus Haji Zion Hamid.

Amreeka is also the diabolical modern embodiment of the medieval Christian crusades against innocent (but brave Muslims); using drones instead of horses, dollars instead of swords, Mickey Mouse instead of the Pope and Marlboro Reds instead of ritual burnings. Not a bad place though, for your close relatives working (or living on welfare) there.

Perhaps I find it more funny because it conforms to my views of conservatives in Pakistan. If you are a Taliban suicide bomber, you are of course going to be pissed off at Nadeem. You know what will make you feel better? Press that button.