Well this is interesting:

675 IITians wrote essays to win non-existent WC final tickets in April Fools’ prank.

Someone got pranked but I’m unsure who. It’s either:

1. 675 IITians.
2. Hindustan Times, because this story appears only on their website. OR
3. All of us; HT made this story up. This one makes least sense because we don’t lose anything if we read it, chuckle, and move on with our lives (except for blogs like this one where frivolous stories are seriously reported). On the other hand, 4500 Facebookers did Like it.

The story however was published on 6th of April, which eliminates options 2 and 3. The most believable option is that quite a few IITians got pranked. Heh to that.

Link via Nikhil.