When a reporter asked Preity what she thought about Yuvraj Singh who failed to perform till the time he was as in the Kings XI Punjab team but has been playing performing well after parting ways, Preity replied, “This is a very stupid question.”

When the reporter persisted she asked him to ask intelligent questions.

“There are many players. Some perform well, some don’t. When Shaun Marsh was with my team he played very well, he is now part of the Australian team. Ravi Bopara scored two centuries in the Ashes after he came into my team. This is a very stupid question. I would expect you to ask me some intelligent questions,” she replied.

You go, girl!

[Nope. I can’t pull it off.]


Speaking of that, the “funny” Yuvraj-Preity hookup insinuations need to stop. I wonder if there is some sexist undertone to it. Feminists, help me out here.