An official survey ordered by the police headquarters here seeks to find out details about the Christian population in Madhya Pradesh, including their total strength, the political patronage they enjoy, the source of funding of Christian schools and the number of churches in the state.

The order, issued by police headquarters on March 22, asks officers-in-charge of police stations to file reports within “10 days”.

The police headquarters will have all this information on file. The place already has weapons. Add some stock of synthetic color powder, and it’s a one stop destination for rioters.

(I did not mention the color. Keep guessing if I’m Islamophobic or pseudo-sickular.)


I have been told about how Christian missionaries are funded by Vatican and how they convert tribals and villagers in exchange for food and medicine. Why does this fact bother anyone? And why do Hindoos take it to heart that their fellow Hindus converted to Christianity?

There is a fundamental discomfort among religious folks when someone converts from their religion to another, and an equal pleasure when someone converts from other religion to theirs — as if validating their religion.

If there is a hell as described by any religion, a majority of religious folks are going there. So why don’t you guys just sort it out there?


If there is a hell, most atheist/agnostic folks will meet you there too.

It’s going to be just like earth.