I won’t bother you with details of this gruesome act.

According to the police, Naresh Kumar went to the police after the murders and surrendered, saying he had killed the two women to save his family`s honour.

Well done.

Station house officer of Bond police station, Japan Singh, said that the accused had been arrested.

You too.


I know I promised lighter stuff. I could do that if only they stopped killing, raping and molesting women .. which is never going to happen.


A friend from Mexico tells me she doesn’t watch the news or read the newspaper. The drug wars there have had terrible effects. It is depressing and scary but mostly it is the feeling of despair. I can’t argue with that logic.

None of you are murderers or molesters (although a few folks from Delhi read this blog). I don’t quite know why I’m showing you all that’s wrong with the world. At the most, I ruin your day.