Lest you don’t realize how incredible it is to almost run uphill at around 13,000 feet, you ought to know that normal folks such as I can barely walk at normal speed at high altitudes.

Roshni points out how modest his comment sounds: ‘It was a good moment.’

Ueli’s wiki page says he has climbed this exact route several times in the past. He held the time record of 3 hours 54 minutes before this attempt. He merely beat himself by an hour this time around. No wonder he isn’t crazy ecstatic when he reaches the summit. Happiness is differential — and if there is one thing I hate about happiness, it is this.


There is a superb movie called North Face based on one of the earliest known attempts to climb the northern face of Eiger. I am biased towards movies of the adventure genre so don’t take my word for it. Roger Ebert, renowned film critic and retweeter, gives it three stars out of four.