Speaking of Chetan Bhagat, he has a nice post explaining why he thinks the media sensationalized his comments:

Let’s face it, whether we are pro or anti-Modi, we all want the same thing. We want development and we don’t want any more religious riots. As long as both sides of the debate understand that, we won’t be as hostile to each other and, maybe arrive at something better than say, an extreme position. In fact, it isn’t about a particular personality or CM; maybe seeing the good and the bad together will help us arrive at the kind of CM we actually want. For this, we must never stop listening to each other and accept that good and bad often co-exist. Often, the challenge is not about choosing between good or bad but extracting the maximum good, while keeping the bad at bay. Let’s learn what is good from Gujarat, while continuing our quest for justice for the bad that happened.

Can’t disagree with that.