The Janmarg is looks very much like the bus system in Mexico City. Both are well-designed and well-executed modern systems. I have also seen a badly designed system in my hometown of Pune, the first city in India to experiment with BRTS. The Pune BRTS perhaps even works as intended, but its shortcomings are obvious after seeing these other implementations.


A bit of the above video is jingoism but no one can deny that Narendra Modi is doing great work in his home state. He is by a good margin the best Chief Minister of India. I hope he serves us at a national level someday. Ahmedabad looks like a great place to live unlike saturated cities like Delhi, Bombay and Bangalore. I don’t drink alcohol or eat meat so his policies are not an issue. Plus I’m a Hindu so I don’t even have to worry when large-scale riots break out.


Link via Salil B.