Pilots of Air India are on strike:

The pilots are demanding the ouster of Air India Chairman Arvind Jadhav and a fixed pay salary. As of now, they get paid according to the number of hours they fly. But with route cancellations after the Air India-Indian Airlines merger, they claim they get just 60 per cent of their salaries.

I’ll leave it to you to figure out if that is reasonable.

Because their employer is the government, saying that they should be paid only proportionate to their work appears to be in bad taste. But your tax money pays their salary. Consider yourself as their employer.

Now when was the last time you tipped a waiter or a bus driver for more than what he did?


Imagine if the pilots of a private airline went on strike. The company loses money and reputation each day of the strike. Negotiations will be made soon and work will resume.

Air India has no incentive to negotiate, resume operations, turn a profit or maintain its reputation. It operates for pride, not profit.

I’m filing this under Stuff The Government Does That It Shouldn’t Be Doing.