I think we have sucked out every bit of humour there is out of the concept of religion, but The Onion makes a good attempt once again:

Church Cancelled Due to Lack of God

When asked why he is convinced of God’s nonexistence, Leobald became visibly irritated with reporters.

“What’re you, an illiterate peasant? Aren’t you familiar with 20th century thinking at all? Christ, read a book, or maybe just think about the idea for a minute. Pretty ridiculous, huh?” he said.

When pressed, however, he sighed heavily, and explained that thousands of years ago, tribes of nomadic desert peoples made up God because, being incapable of scientific reasoning due to caveman-like existences, they had no other way of making sense of things like sunshine, rocks and pork-transmitted trichinosis.

“They made it all up, and they were ignorant, unwashed, half-naked pre-historic barbarians,” Leobald said. “So who are you gonna believe: Carl Sagan, and the pantheon of the world’s greatest scientific and intellectual minds, or some guy who measured wealth by how many goats he had?”

At this point, religious satire has become something of an inside joke for non-believers. Believers continue to believe not because they don’t see the obvious silliness, but because they choose to look past it.


The reason for the blog-hiatus is that I’m content. I hope to be back to regular posting.