Girish Shahane’s lovely piece Why India Is A Democracy. This is a few decades worth of retrospection; a day’s worth of retrospection would lead anyone to believe India is not one.

Link via Salil B.


On the Ramdev situation: the government was distasteful in its action. And I never thought I’d say this, but I felt quite sorry for Ramdev at his post-kicked-out-of-Delhi press conference. To me, fasting or any non-violent means of protest is a very legitimate protest (Otherwise I’d have a hard time justifying Gandhi’s protests as valid either — if I were to be intellectually honest.) and while we all ought to disagree with Ramdev on some of his personal views, his protest against corruption and black money was a legitimate one. Feasible or sensible is another matter.


There are far too many depressing stories daily in the Indian news sphere. Too many killings for flimsy or outrageous reasons, too much power held by undeserving people, too much incompetence and almost poetic is an incompetent government that ‘rules’ us all.

Then I read books like Trekking and Climbing in the Indian Himalaya and I am reminded why India is one of the most beautiful places on earth.