Last week I learnt of Dr. Jack Kevorkian, a doctor who assisted people who wanted to commit suicide. He is well-known to anyone who lived through the 90s in the U.S. and was called Dr. Death. Here’s some information about his death van. He passed away last week and was in the news.

As I mentioned, I did not know about him but what he did has been my dream form of service for a while now. I don’t think I’ll ever get to it however, as it wouldn’t be legal in most nations.

The philosophy behind this is complex and to my mind, noble. But you can disagree because unless you get it, you won’t get it.

Regardless of our views on death, can we all agree that given human advances in every field, it is a pity that we don’t have access to an easy, painless way to die? Do we still have to consume second-rate poison, jump off tall structures, immolate ourselves or strangulate ourselves to death? If you notice, these methods haven’t evolved for centuries.

(If you are of the view that heavy counseling is the way to go for a suicidal person, would you agree that some people — after all counseling there is in this world — might not want to continue living and they ought to atleast have the choice of a decent way to embrace death?)


It is amusing how once you learn of something new, you see it all around you. One day after I learnt of Dr. Kevorkian, I saw him being referenced in an episode of Seinfeld.

P.S. Anant points out that this is called the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon.

If I ever become a celebrity, this post will contribute heavily to the Controversies stub on my Wiki page.