The second episode of Coke Studio is up. It has some gems I’ll leave you to discover.

Asif Hussain Samrat sings a Marwari song Senraan Ra Baairya. This is its introduction on the Lyrics page:

Rajasthani culture has been lovingly preserved for over five thousand years in their folklore and music and while most Rajasthani songs are sung from the feminine perspective, there are songs for every conceivable occasion. Much of the poetic metaphor draws inspiration from the ever-present physical reality of the desert – and the Rajasthani vocabulary is smoothly adaptable to elaborating on topics as delicate as the subtlety of love, by drawing analogies to the rare pleasure of a cool breeze and the ultimate joy of precious rain.

In the years of listening to songs from Rajasthan, I can’t believe these seemingly obvious facts evaded me. And Coke Studio explains it to perfection.