Organisers of India’s first ‘SlutWalk’ have rebranded the event. The name has now been changed to ‘Besharmi Morcha’ which means ‘Shameless Protest’.

The organisers feel that not all people in the national capital will understand the meaning of the word ‘slut’. And more importantly may misinterpret the usage of the word. The organisers have finally settled down for ‘Besharmi Morcha’.

That’s good news.


On that note, I saw this headline in my RSS feed but CNN-IBN appear to have taken it down since:

I believe it was taken down because it was distasteful. But wasn’t that the whole point of SlutWalk: Reclaiming the word and its connotation? I thought headstrong, independent women wanted to be called sluts.

Just another reason why this feminist movement by women confuses me. I tell you, men are far more capable of handling this feminist movement.