Rajinikanth handwrites a letter to his fans after being discharged from the hospital (On that topic, Rajinikanth was in the hospital.):

First forgive me for not talking to you in the beginning itself. Even in this scientific world, we toss a coin to decide who will play first in a game. But humans can just toss the coin. God will decide whether its head or tail.

In my game, on one side had excellent medical facilities, world renowned doctors, technology and money.

But the fact is prayers, poojas, homams, prayers and fasting by fans to god saved me.

Nice poetic feel. And let me say upfront that I won’t go after his belief.

I don’t understand why those who have confidence in their faith go to the doctor only to get better and later thank their faith. I know many, many religious people with strong faith but I do not know a single person who has the confidence to refuse medical treatment. And honestly, I would have plenty more respect for such a person — even if the person dies as a result. You may disagree.

This is not spiteful or sarcastic: I’d love for someone in the above group to do some honest introspection and let me know where that line is which separates their faith and reason. I believe this line only manifests itself in case of life-threatening situations. For a simple cold or cough, even religious folks agree that it is frivolous to bother their god so they take simple medications. In life-threatening situations, they understand that the outcome depends on god’s will irrespective of doctors’ efforts.