This would have been a hilarious piece if it weren’t about journalist J. Dey’s murder. Two days after cops said they had no clues, they now have made significant progress. Believe it.

Some excerpts:

Investigators have made crucial breakthroughs especially after cracking two of the four email IDs operated by the slain journalist. Investigators have managed to crack a rediffmail and a gmail account of J Dey, while work is underway to crack the other two accounts.

While J Dey used his rediffmail account more for his personal communications connected to his finances etc, it’s his gmail account that’s keeping investigators busy. There are close to 3,000 mails and 250 draft mails in this account. “After several attempts at cracking his account, it took a relatively high-end TIFR server to crack Dey’s 16-digit password,” revealed an officer closely linked with the investigations.

First, if they had a subpoena Google would have helped them out. And if they had to crack his e-mail account, it is probably illegal. In which case, it is stupid to mention this to a reporter.


The most profound bit:

Additional Commissioner (crime) Deven Bharti said, “While the 3,000 emails in his gmail account are an assortment of links and information that Dey was more interested in, it’s the collection of 250 drafts that are very crucial as they give us an insight into what he was planning to do.”

(Not if his drafts were anything like mine.)


Scratch that. This is the most profound bit:

According to a high placed source, Dey rarely ever forwarded emails from his one account to another.

Unlike all of us who spend the better part of our days forwarding e-mails from one account to another.


“I don’t see this as a revenge killing. The manner and urgency with which Dey was killed clearly indicate that he was murdered to prevent him from doing something,” Joint Commissioner of Police (crime) Himanshu Roy told


“We have reconstructed the entire day starting from the morning to 3.30 pm including the escape of the assailants. There is still a gap of half an hour which we need to figure out. We are working on it,” Roy said.

Who wants to guess which is the half an hour the cops have no clue about?


No wonder MiDDay editor Sachin Kalbag is pissed off at the cops.


Yes, investigations are hard; there aren’t always clues. But it doesn’t have to be so obviously sloppy.