VHP discovers SlutWalk:

A spokesman for the group said: “India will not tolerate anything that crosses the limits of our culture. In any case, India already offers women a lot of respect so I am unclear about the purpose of this event.”

I wish he develops a pair of breasts before he next boards a bus. Then we’ll talk.


Although organisers have changed the name to a tamer-sounding ‘Besharmi Morcha’ (Shameless Front) and asked women to wear their everyday attire, the VHP warned participants against donning western-style clothing.

“They will not be welcome if they march wearing western clothes, Indian society will not accept it,” the VHP spokesman said.

If this spokesman is guessing that Indian society won’t accept SlutWalk (or Besharmi Morcha) then I respect his opinion and hope that he is wrong.

If he is threatening participating women from wearing western attire then this ought to enrage every single Indian.


Some thoughts on SlutWalk here.