I have been travelling, climbing mountains, descending into canyons, working, playing, ‘musicing’. Which leaves little time for blogging.

Still, here are some links that I collected over the last few days that don’t appear to be getting their own posts ever:

35 percent of Indian women are beaten up. At home, the report says. The percent of women beaten up everywhere will be higher. Think about how staggering that number is. Meanwhile, feminists are at war with something that isn’t misogyny. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

West Bengal to be renamed. To grandfather us in, it will suck just as much.

A girl was set afire (and died) because she resisted molestation.

An NYTimes journalist comes out as an undocumented immigrant.

Great (but gory) war photography.

Are baby safes in bad taste? Only if you believe Dr. Kevorkian was a criminal.


But if there is one video I strongly recommend, it is this. It might make you want to kill a few people around you. For a larger cause, of course.

This is incomplete without George Carlin’s routine on Saving The Planet.

Link via Gautam Patel.