Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan, who will be seen in a film themed on caste-based reservations, says he doesn’t believe in the caste system, has never faced any bias because of his caste and is proud that his father gave him a surname that doesn’t denote any such thing.

“If ever I have faced a rejection or a failure, it has been on the basis of my incapability to do something and never my caste,” Amitabh, 68, told in an interview.

“I think rejection because of incapability is right because if I’m not capable of doing a particular work, the other person has the right to disapprove of me or reject me. Like, I lost in politics because I was not capable, not because I was of a particular caste,” added Big B.

I can’t speak for his experience, but if it was anything like mine — I did not live in a place where caste mattered and I belonged to the “upper caste” — his view might be incomplete.

We ought to decouple the solution from the problem. The solution to caste system viz. reservation with no nuances, is what most of us disagree with. The problem is very real though.