After 26 long years, All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) is set to go public once again and fight for minority rights.

Come July 24, the apex body, known to confine itself strictly to religious issues and shun public interface, will host ‘jalsas’ (functions) in Mumbai, Delhi, Patna, Lucknow and Meerut. The objective is to build public opinion against a slew of recent “anti-Muslim” legislations: Right to Education Act, 2009, Waqf Amendment Bill 2011 and Direct Taxes Code Bill, 2011.


Slamming the government for turning a deaf ear to legitimate grievances of Muslims, he said the RTE Act , particularly, was sure to spell doom for madrassas and junior high schools run by Muslim bodies as most of them would not be able to meet the stringent standards required for government recognition. UP alone has 6,000 madrassas and 6,500 minority schools. Considering the all-India scenario, things could actually turn alarming if the situation is allowed to persist, he said.

I’m totally with the government on this one. But I wonder if this does anything to change the minds of those who believe that the Congress is all about appeasing Muslims.

There was some research recently that we don’t quite change our opinions based on newer information. In a sense, we’re all bigots.


On the topic of Congress sucking up to Muslims: Now Digvijay Singh did say that we cannot rule out the involvement of RSS in the recent Mumbai blasts. He made a perfectly reasonable factual statement but one that was sleazy. And because I can never classify him as sleazy or senile, I think it is time to send him to a park upstate where he can live happily forever.