Defending the Mumbai police on Thursday, Raj Thackeray had said every time we could not blame police department or failure of intelligence as it was not possible to control the number of people due to migrants.

“I trust the Mumbai Police but the influx is so much that there will be intelligence failure and such type of terror attacks would keep happening,” he said.

“Is any crime possible without the help of local people? (terrorist) Kasab knows Taj hotel kitchen but you and me do not,” Raj added. Demanding that a combing operation be undertaken in Mumbai to flush out those staying illegally, the MNS chief said, “take help of military if needed”.

“Maharashtra crime rate has increased in the last 10 years. Examine from where the people perpetrating the crimes come from?”, the MNS chief had said reacting to Wednesday’s terror strikes in the city.

With Raj Thackeray, one can never be sure if the media is quoting him or misquoting him. Let’s assume for a moment though that he did say it. We can all agree he is trying to further his ideology in the wake of the blasts. But is he any different from the rest of us?

Those who believed — before the blasts — that citizens voting is the solution to all problems said exactly that reacting to the blasts.

Those who believed that Pakistan (or Muslims; take your pick) is the cause of all problems, said exactly that after the blasts.

Those who are disillusioned with India said that once again — with yet another proof.

Those who believed that a fundamental change in the system .. you get the drift.

I suppose we’re all using some dead bodies we don’t identify for our causes. Not that I’m judging anyone for that.