If you followed last week’s terrorist attacks in Oslo, you’d have to be lying if you didn’t initially suspect a fundamentalist Islamic group behind it. Turns out, the terrorist behind it is an anti-Islam fundamentalist.

Watch this video he allegedly posted before the attacks:

[I hate to admit but I loved the background score. It is beautiful and also apt for crazy conspiracy theories.]

As I watched the video, I realized I have heard similar Islamophobic arguments from acquaintances (who incidentally always claim to be liberal) and those from the right-wing in India. I have no problems with lazy fundamentalists but not everyone is lazy.


Wikipedia has categorized the terror attacks under Christian terror. That is inaccurate from what I read: I’d categorize it under anti-Islamic terrorism (different from anti-‘Islamic terrorism’). I can’t say the same for Saffron terror which is primarily  pro-Hindu and less-dominantly but in equal parts anti-Islamic and anti-Christian.

Conspiracy theorists will point out that the term anti-Islamic terrorism is sneaky in associating terrorism with Islam. I disagree.