Four women, including two employees of the mall, were allegedly harassed by five men who were intoxicated, their vehicle intercepted by the accused and one of them dragged out and hauled into another vehicle, which sped away towards Faridabad.

The incident happened when the women (all aged between 22 and 25) were leaving the mall for their house in the wee hours on Sunday when the five men approached them in their brand new car, police said.

The men, were celebrating the purchase of the car by a friend and were heavily intoxicated when they were denied entry into a disco in the mall. They spotted the four women walk past and started misbehaving by asking them to dance with them, officials said.

When they refused to give in to the mens’ demands and left in a huff, they were chased, intercepted near Ghitorni Metro station and one of them ruthlessly dragged into the car of the accused.

I’ve run out of disgust.


If only the men of Delhi channelized their testosterone towards stuff like ultra-marathons, Tour de France, triathlons and ultimate fighting championships. And to be safe, I have decided never to purchase flutes made in Delhi.