If you have been following Indian politics closely over the past few weeks/months and if you are disillusioned at this point, I don’t blame you.

Let’s list the issues that were in focus. Off the top of my head: 2G scam, CWG scam, Adarsh society scam, mining scam, LokPal, bomb blasts, black money, Aarakshan movie controversy. If I had to see a silver lining, I’d say these are all 21st century problems. Perhaps the only exception is Aarakshan which was about a who-knows-when-it-started caste system.

Now check out the debate of Republican presidential hopefuls from yesterday. If I knew the entire timeline of the earth and I was asked to guess when some of these candidates lived, I’d easily be off by a few hundred years.


I’m glad I made you feel patriotic in time for Independence Day.