Subramanian Swamy appeared on Devil’s Advocate to defend his DNA piece. More annoying than Swamy’s reiteration of suspect statements is Karan Thapar latching on to inferences Swamy did not make, giving Swamy the upper hand.

Back to Swamy’s point that Muslims of India (and I suppose Pakistan) were converted from Hindus and that they should wear this fact proudly. Let’s say this is true. To give some perspective, the Indian land mass came into being some 55 million years ago. The earliest accounts of Hinduism are 3500 years ago — even though if many Hindus I know were asked to take a guess how old Hinduism was, the answer you’ll get is millions of years if not billions of years.

Does that give you an idea of how ridiculous an argument this sounds to me?

Besides being a form of ‘my penis is larger than yours’, asking Muslims to acknowledge their ancestry is as worthwhile as asking Hindus to proudly state they descended from apes.


Uh .. and speaking of penis sizes, the average length in Pakistan is anyway 2 cms more than in India. If Muslims in Pakistan did descend from Indian Hindus, where and how did they get those extra 2cms? And just to complete the circle, given a choice between solving terrorism and a larger penis I wonder what most Hindus would prefer in anonymity.