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Optimus Prime Muslims 

But, sadly, this unity means bumping into more “Optimus Prime Muslims.” These are Muslims who transform during Ramadan – and only during Ramadan – into obnoxious, religious blowhards and completely change their personality and behavior traits for 30 days only to de-evolve into the same exact human being immediately on Eid, the day celebrating the end of fasting.

These guys stop listening to music, watching tv, logging on facebook, reading magazines and the whole shabang. Now, I have no problem with this. Go forth and free thyself from these technological crutches that have paralyzed human interactions, I say! However, I do have a problem with Optimus Prime Muslims lecturing me for being a heathen for occasionally watching a Netflix flick or catching a re-run of Dexter.

“You watch movies during RAMADAN!?!? Wow…ok, maybe we were…raised…differently. Well, Allah is Merciful…I guess.”

Listen, I don’t drink, do drugs, beat people up, snort cocaine off of strippers’ bellies, gamble or even know what bacon tastes like. Life is hard for a practicing Muslim. Relent. Give a brother some instant Netflix. That’s all I’m asking.

… aaand subscribed.

Link via The Atlantic.

To the readers here practising roza, do NOT click on this link with pictures of mouth watering foods.