Anna Hazare has been sent to seven days in judicial custody and will be lodged New Delhi’s in Tihar Jail. Hazare’s supporters Manish Sisodia, Arvind Kejriwal, Darshak, Radheshyam, Suresh Pathare, Naveen Jaisingh and Dada Phatare have also been sent to judicial custody.

Hazare was sent to judicial custody on Tuesday after he refused to sign a bond which stated that he and his supporters would not violate Section 144. He told the magistrate that he was not ready to sign the bond and was ready to go to jail.

On a normal day, it doesn’t matter if the country you reside in is free or not. The daily schedule of a person in China is no different from that of someone in say America. But protest against the government and the days start to differ. Today, in atleast this one instance, we are much closer to China.

(Not that there is anything wrong with China. I love Chinese food.)


If you fancy a chuckle, here’s BJP reacting:

“Our senior party leaders are discussing this issue. We will do something in a couple of hours from now.This situation is worse than emergency and its all due to arrogant attitude to government,” Naqvi said.

Worse than an incompetent government is an incompetent opposition. The one thing they are expected to do well is oppose the government when it’s wrong — it is right there in the title!


Buried under this news is yet another RTI activist shot dead.